Air Quality Testing

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What does it mean to test the air quality?

Most people who search for indoor air quality testing are experiencing symptoms when spending time in a building, and those symtoms abate when they leave the property. This is often referred to as “sick building syndrome”.


Identifying the causes of building-related symptoms is quite challenging. There are so many varying types of air quality issues that a comprehensive approach is required. Some people use the term “Air Quality Testing” to describe mold sampling or VOC tests. At Indoor Science, we use the term holistically to refer to a comprehensive approach to solving an indoor environmental problem.


What is Indoor Science’s approach?

We start our air quality assessments by asking a lot of questions. We want to study the building and the occupants so we fully understand what is happening. Depending on the complexity of the problem, we may look at building plans and blueprints that may provide key details.


After asking questions we perform a thorough visual inspection of the property both indoors and outdoors. We look for common visual cues to air quality problems that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.


Next we take indicator measurements to see how the building is operating. This may include measuring carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, surface moisture and other parameters. Based on all our findings, we formulate a tentative explanation for what we have observed. We may then recommend diagnostic tests for the building, such as collecting air samples, in order to test our hypothesis.


Indoor Science will not only diagnose the air quality problem, we will provide information how to cost effectively rectify any issues. We sell no products and get no “kick backs” from other service providers. Our recommendations are trustworthy without any hidden ulterior motives.


What does it cost?

Give us a call at (312) 920-9393 and describe some basic details about your concerns.  After talking for a few minutes, we will be able to provide you with a customized quote over the phone. Generally, residential projects range from $400 – $900 and commercial projects from $800 – $3,000+.

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Your air quality and your health are extremely important. We hope you choose the top air quality company in the Chicago area!