D’oh! The Simpsons have Air Quality Problems

With each passing year, the general public becomes more and more aware of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. I thought it was because of my educational outreach efforts.  Come to find out… people are more aware because of The Simpsons!


I found over 20 indoor air quality related quotes from Simpsons episodes using the new website  You type in a term such as “asbestos”, and it will search the entire catalog of episodes and then show you relevant screen shots.


Don’t worry, I’ve gone through all the trouble of wasting an entire workday to find all the indoor air quality related Simpson quotes.  I should mention it was the most glorious day of my working life.



asbestos 1


Lead Paint 2

ETS copy

moisture 2 copy

radon 1

virus copy

odor copy

fresh air 2

Lead Paint 1

asbestos 3

fresh air

fumes copy


Mildew copy

healthy copy




co copy

radon 2

tar fumes copy


air vent

asbestos 4 (This one I missed, but Michael Pinto alerted me to it!)

UPDATE 1: Another great one found…

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6 thoughts on “D’oh! The Simpsons have Air Quality Problems”

  1. Great compilation Ian! – i hope the Simpsons is only the beginning of the general public’s education on IEQ

  2. Great job Ian, and thanks for the motivation. I will now be telling my wife that I must binge watch “Workaholics” to obtain my relevant IAQ CECs.

  3. Love reading your website, so much good info.
    I think I will have my employees write on chalk board ” I am not certified to remove asbestos”
    slapping their hands just not working.

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