Odor Identification

One of the most complex services we offer is odor identification. If you have a strange odor and you give up trying to figure it out yourself, give Indoor Science a call at (312) 920-9393 .


What is that odor?

Our consultants an uncanny ability to identify offending odors. Solving odor problems involves some advanced (and some simple) tools. The most important tool is the human nose, but it certainly has limitations. Typically, people call our company when they have failed to identify it just by the sense of smell.


We’ll use smoke pencils, combustable gas meters, photoionization detectors, manometers, and multi-gas detectors to name a few. With intermittent odors, we may depressurize the space or try other methods to create a worst-case scenario.


Because we have responded to so many odor complaints, he can often notice the odor immediately, without needing to do any complex tests!


What does it cost?

Call us today at (312) 920-9393 to describe your odor issue. We will provide you with a customized quote for your project.