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When you have concerns about your air quality, turn to one of the few companies without a conflict of interest, Indoor Science. You should have two separate companies; one that identifies the problem and another that provides a solution. When the company identifying the problem profits from the solution, you get these lines:


>You’ll need mold remediation, and we happen to offer that service

>You’ll need an advanced filter, and we happen to sell them

>You’ll need to have your air ducts cleaned, we do that too!


Do you really need those solutions? How can you trust the evaluation?


Hire Indoor Science and we will provide you with a professional, independent evaluation of your indoor environment. We don’t sell anything so you won’t get a sales pitch. We don’t offer mold remediation or air duct cleaning services. Nor do we have family members that offer these services. Nor do we get kickbacks from any companies or products we may recommend.


Each project is reviewed by the owner, Ian Cull, a licensed professional engineer (PE) and Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).  He is an industry expert who is invited to speak around the globe on topics related to indoor air quality.


If you want a company that has your best interest in mind, call Indoor Science at (312) 920-9393 and tell us about your air quality concerns.


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Joel, Dylan, Jordan, Scott, Ian and Heather
Indoor Science Team: Joel, Dylan, Jordan, Scott, Ian and Heather
Ian Cull being featured on Chicago Tonight


Indoor Science featured on ABC 7 News!
Indoor Science featured on ABC 7 News!