Everything You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized a new variant of the coronavirus -- strain B.1.1.529, also known as the Omicron variant. Governments around the world are scrambling to collect data and make preparations for lockdowns;...

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Top 3 Water Quality Concerns

The air, water, lighting, and acoustics impact a building’s overall indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Although the primary focus of Indoor Science is air, we also care a great deal about water.  As we assess buildings, we commonly perform water quality testing...

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IAQ Short Term Monitoring

If a building wants to evaluate its indoor air quality (IAQ), there are three main methods available. In this article, we will highlight a method that is rarely performed, yet is one of the most powerful tools for assessing IAQ.   It balances collecting high...

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5 IAQ Implications of Switching from Cooling to Heating

As temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere, many areas are now switching from cooling mode toheating mode. Before your attention gets pulled away by the busyness of the holiday season, it is worthnoting how this switch to heating can impact the indoor air quality...

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Legionella: Do you have a Plan?

Legionella is a bacterium that can be found outdoors in freshwater environments. Legionella can find its way indoors through the plumbing and mechanical systems. This bacteria becomes a health hazard when water containing high concentrations gets aerosolized and inhaled.

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The Instascope: Mold Testing with Real-Time Results

Our indoor air quality instruments can measure dozens of different contaminants and provide us immediate results. However, up until now, no instrument could measure airborne mold spores leaving us to rely on collecting samples and laboratory analysis.  The whole...

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The Fundamentals of Air Cleaning

Due to energy concerns, the majority of air in buildings is recirculated rather than replaced with freshair. This means you are breathing in air that was already in someone else’s lungs. Cleaning the air isimportant, but with all the options available, it can be...

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Your Brain Wants Better Air Quality

It is self-evident that good indoor air quality (IAQ) improves lung health. But did you know that good IAQcan improve cognitive function? If you are experiencing brain fog at the office, maybe it isn’t the lack ofcaffeine. A recent article from researchers at Harvard...

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VOCs and Indoor Air Quality

VOCs (or Volatile Organic Compounds) can have a huge impact on indoor air quality.  For some, this could also have a negative effect on people's health and well-being.  Because we spend so much time indoors, it is important to understand how these gases can...

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