Are you still open during the Coronavirus “Stay at Home” order?

Apr 3, 2020

Here in Illinois, we have a coronavirus Stay at Home order by the governor in place until at least May 30th. This means that only “essential” business can remain open during this time. Since the start of the order, we have had questions daily about if we are still open for business. The quick answer is yes, we are open, but I will get into more details below.

Our company is taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously, however, the government does consider us a critical trade, and thus makes us an essential business. We have received an official determination from the State of Illinois that we are an essential service. Things like our industrial hygiene services support other essential businesses such as food manufacturing, and our residential services such as asbestos and mold inspections help keep homes safe and sanitary. We also play a role in the clean up and disinfection of indoor spaces that have had positive cases of COVID-19. We have been providing coronavirus cleaning protocols and post cleaning cleanliness testing for restoration contractors in the Chicagoland area responding to homes and businesses with COVID-19 concerns.

It may be hard to realize that even though there is a pandemic, other issues such as leaks and floods can happen too, so we remain available to help those who need it at this time. During this time we do ask that if your situation can wait, please wait and call us back when we are on the other side of the Stay-at-Home Executive Order. Give us a call and we can help you decide if it is something we should do now or wait until later.

We also have been calling on the day of appointments just to verify that you are feeling well, and if not, we ask that you reschedule your appointment to a later time. Our project managers are taking every step to make sure we are not a part of the spread of this disease. We are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respirators and gloves, not shaking hands, and trying to limit most conversations in person (although we are happy to discuss things over the phone both before and after projects). We’ll be replacing our handshake with a friendly smile and a wave. We want to keep you and our project managers as safe as possible and do our part to minimize the spread of the disease.

If you do experience any indoor air quality, mold, moisture, asbestos, or radon issues during the stay at home order, please contact us and we can discuss what we can do for you during this already stressful time.