Carbon Monoxide Testing

First off- call 911 if your carbon monoxide alarm is going off and you are experiencing symptoms. Assuming everything is ok, continue reading….


Did you know that many people have low-level carbon monoxide problems that never trigger their CO alarm? UL rules prevent carbon monoxide detectors from alarming at levels below 70 ppm. But wait, the Environmental Protection Agency has identified a long term exposure to 9 ppm as being harmful to health.


If you have any doubt, call Indoor Science at (312) 920-9393 to have us test your home, office or school for carbon monoxide.


How does Indoor Science test for carbon monoxide?

We set up a worst case scenario by operating exhaust fans and other devices that depressurize the home. Negative pressure may prevent combustion gases from going up and out of the appliance’s venting. This causes CO and other combustion gases to spill into the occupied space.


Once we have established a worst case scenario, we’ll test each combustion appliance separately and in combination with others. Open collar, naturally venting water heaters are often the device leading to carbon monoxide problems.


We also test carbon monoxide by logging concentrations over a day or two and looking at the trends in the resulting charts.  We may find a spike in carbon monoxide related to a specific activity or piece of equipment.


What does it cost?

Call us at (312) 920-9393 for a customized quote.  We’ll ask you a few quick questions about your property and provide you with a quote over the phone.