Indoor Air Quality Testing, Water Quality Testing & Mold Testing in Oakland

Indoor Science is your #1 resource for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) evaluations, water quality testing and mold testing in Oakland and its surrounding areas. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

How Mold Testing in Oakland Works

While many companies only spend 10-15 minutes at your home or facility, take limited samples (if any), and are often incentivised to upsell you on remediation you may not need, Indoor Science’s approach is different. We take time to:

  • Provide comprehensive services (when required) such as moisture mapping, cause and origin reports and protocol development
  • Inspect the impacted area and adjacent spaces to detect where and why mold is growing
  • Use state-of-the-art instruments combined with hundreds of hours of on the job and classroom training to find underlying moisture 
  • Look inside walls, under carpeting, inside ductwork and in the HVAC system
  • Conduct air quality and surface testing to see if mold is present
  • Use laboratory analysis to determine the mold type and threats accompanied with it
  • Issue a final report summarizing our methodology, findings and recommended next steps

Our work tends to get highly technical and as a result, our mold experts take pride in simplifying our findings and recommendations for how to move forward. Our goal to provide peace of mind for what is needed to cost effectively ensure health and wellbeing.

When to Get a Mold Test

Visible mold growth is discovered

A musty odor is present
Building materials have been wet for several days

Water stains are found

An occupant has been diagnosed with mold allergies and
they experience symptoms within the space

Someone with a history of mold or moisture problems will occupy the space

There is a real estate transaction involving someone sensitive to mold
Condensation is regularly found on cold surfaces

A home inspector has flagged moisture and mold problems

The air inside a building is consistently damp or humid

A basement or below-grade floor has flooded or experienced seepage

Recent mold remediation was completed successfully

You are expecting a baby and want to ensure you are
returning to a healthy environment

You are elderly or a caregiver and want to ensure peace of mind

How Indoor Air Quality Testing and Water Quality Testing in Oakland Works

Few companies are equipped to test indoor air quality and water quality with the breadth ofIndoor Science. We are unique because we have:

  • Over 25 years’ experience working with 15K+ clients from residential and multifamily to government and multinational organizations.
  • Been retained by NASA, the US military, property management groups, manufacturing, hospitals and schools
  • Scientific expertise, a scientific advisory board and proprietary methodologies to understand latent and apparent factors to inform the presence of different risk factors when evaluating an indoor environment
  • A nationwide network of laboratories for expedited sample processing leaving clients with peace of mind knowing exactly what hazards are present and how to reduce or eliminate the risk
  • A breadth of indoor air quality testing services – VOCs, Particulate Matter, Allergens, Fire, Smoke, Heavy Metals, Formaldehyde, and others
  • A breadth of water quality testing services – Legionella, Bacteroides, Heavy Metals (lead, chromium, copper, arsenic, manganese, etc.), Residual Chlorine, Fecal Coliforms and others
  • Capability to serve industrial clients with exposure monitoring for regulatory and compliance requirements

Our Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), Professional Engineers (PEs), Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) and other credentialed subject matter experts take pride in simplifying complexity and ensuring clients understand what risks are present, how we test for them and what recommendations are needed to move forward.

When to Get an Indoor Air Quality or Water Quality Test

Recent construction or renovation

Brown water

Building or home seems stuffy

Strange smells or lingering odors

Employees conducting hazardous activities
Returning to an under-occupied building

Allergies are particularly bothersome

Recent event (fire, flood, sewage backup, etc.)

Sickness outbreak (Colds, Flu, Covid, etc.)

Why Indoor Science is the Most Trusted Indoor Air Quality and Mold Expert in Oakland

Indoor Science has been the leading indoor air quality experts in Oakland for over 25 years. Because we have no ulterior motive when performing mold tests or indoor air quality tests, our services are more trusted. Where other companies promise low-cost mold testing so they can upcharge for the removal, Indoor Science performs only testing, not removal. This way, we act as an objective third-party with no financial interest in detecting the presence of mold, allowing you to make more informed decisions on how to move forward. Each and every one of our services is supervised by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) that reviews all technical work to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

We are straight shooters that provide accurate information with your best interests in mind.