Who We Are

Indoor Science is the premier Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) consultant in the United States.  

We ensure your indoor environment is safe by testing, monitoring and recommending improvements.

For 25+ years we have been partnering with multi-national corporations and government entities like NASA and the US Military to support the safety, well being and productivity of employees & customers.

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Scientifically backed solutions

Tailored indoor air & environmental quality solutions

Company-owned nationwide reach

Multinational and government clients

Commercial Tenants, Building Owners and Property Managers

Our assessments are a marketing vehicle to drive traffic, acquisition & retention while our reach ensures consistent nationwide experience.

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Mechanical Contractors

Our testing & monitoring helps differentiate existing services and drive more client value.

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Our assessments inform underwriting and validate if a claim should be paid.

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Our breadth of capabilites and customer centricity ensure peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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What We Do

We test, monitor, improve and sustain indoor Air and Environmental quality to ensure wellbeing and productivity for you, your employees and customers.

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Test Indoor Air & Environmental Quality

We test indoor environments for 30+ health hazards & validate findings with labs and proprietary methodologies.

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Monitor Indoor Air Quality

We monitor air quality risk factors including CO2, VOCs, particulate matter and others.

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Improve Indoor Air & Environmental Quality

Our services extend beyond testing and monitoring to improve any identified risk factors through corrective actions.

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Contact Us

We provide customized pricing for each project we perform. The first step is providing us with some background information.