Other Services

Indoor Science performs indoor air quality assessments for just about any contaminant or concern.  Besides the services elsewhere described on our site, there are a number of other indoor environmental issues we handle, including:

  • Sewer gas
    • We use instruments to detect if sewer gas is coming out of a plumbing fixture, floor drain, or vent stack.  We may even perform peppermint or smoke tests to help identify a source.
  • Bacteria
  • Ventilation
    • If you need to calculate air exchange rates for a building or determine a ventilation rate, Indoor Science can use several different methods including carbon dioxide and tracer gas (sulfur hexafluoride).
  • Energy Star Certification
    • If you have a commercial building that wants to achieve an Energy Star designation this year, we can perform the required Professional Engineer evaluation.
  • Particulate matter
    • We can monitor airborne particle and dust levels using a laser particle counter or nephelometer.
    • We can identify the source of particles or dust using advanced laboratory-based methods.
  • Ghosting
    • If there are dark stains on the wall, we can perform an assessment to determine the source.  It may be from a combustion appliance, candles, or mold.
  • Drugs
    • If you suspect a previous tenant may have set up a lab for Methamphetamines, we can perform meth testing of surfaces.  We can detect Marijuana related chemicals and cocaine on surfaces too.
  • Outdoor air pollution
    • Although most of our instruments are not made for the harsh conditions outdoors, we can perform spot measurements of the outdoor air quality.  We can detect combustion by-products like nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.
  • Ozone
    • Ozone can be released by some equipment found in an office, home, or factory.  For example, some photocopiers can give off ozone.  Ozone is a lung irritant and can exacerbate asthma.

If you have any of the above concerns, or even ones not listed, please contact us at (312) 920-9393 for a free phone consultation.