Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization

Our engineers use expertise in building science, IEQ and energy incentive programs to provide clients a comprehensive solution to energy optimization. We begin with a building assessment to provide a menu of savings opportunities then act as an owners rep for implementation. Our results leave clients with lower utility bills, enhanced health and comfort of indoor spaces and more valuable properties.

Our Customers Own, Operate and Occupy their mission critical spaces with over 1 million square feet

At up to 30%, utility costs are the second largest operational expense of a building

According to the EPA, average utility expense is as follows: 35% lighting, 40% HVAC and, 25% water & other

Utility savings can come at the expense of indoor environmental quality (IEQ)

Recirculating air while reducing fresh air ventilation

Legionella risk with reducing hot water set points

Lower MERV rated filters trapping less particulate

Our utility savings solutions leverage our expertise in building science and IEQ to…

Provide immediate cost savings

Create healthy indoor environments

Comply with state and local energy efficiency requirements

Improve tenant experience

Qualify for funding and financing programs

Drive property values

Provide long lasting, sustainable, asset performance

Our 3 step approach – Assess, Implement, Realize

We ensure seamless and effective energy efficiency. We begin by evaluating your building’s energy use and identifying improvement opportunities. Next, we implement tailored solutions with full transparency. Finally, we track performance to ensure sustained energy savings. This method delivers immediate cost reductions and long-term, sustainable benefits.


Prework: Obtain building floorplans, mechanical drawings, occupancy / utilization rates, 12-24 months of energy and water bills.

Site Visit: Review and optimize service contracts and equipment impacting utility usage.

  • Mechanical Systems – Boilers, Chillers, HVAC
  • Electrical Systems – Appliances, Refrigeration, outlets, lights and switches / timers
  • Plumbing – Water flow rates and set points
  • BAS/BMS/Controls
  • Building envelope – Roofing, doors, windows, walls, foundation, other environmental entry points
  • Other – Natural gas, propane, Solar, wind, energy capture, other

Research: Identify rebates, incentive programs and greenhouse gas emissions credits available to help offset implementation costs.

Report: Summarize proposed solutions, implementation costs, timings and savings payback period.


Owner’s Rep: Help deliver a tailored solution at the best value to meet your savings goals and investment desires.

  • While many building owners partner with ESCO’s their lack of independence often results in un-necessary new equipment installs
  • The DOE even has a case study on their website showing the value of independence
  • We are transparent with pricing (whether upfront consulting, implementation or tracking savings) vs. focusing on a long-term contract where savings and implementation fees are unclear

Audit/track: After implementing changes, as the owner’s rep, we can stay on and help verify + quantify the savings and ensure improvements are performing as intended.

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