Tobacco Smoke Testing

Do you need to prove that a tenant has been smoking cigarettes in a non-smoking area? Are you trying to track how smoke odors are getting from point A to point B? Call Indoor Science at (312) 920-9393 to get us involved in your project.


Tracking down Tobacco Smoke

Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) can be very difficult to track down. You may regularly smell it in an office building or condominium unit, but have not idea where it’s coming from.


Or perhaps you know where it is coming from, and you are trying to prevent it from reaching your space. A simple air filter won’t solve the problem. A detailed understanding of building science, pressurization and HVAC systems is required.

When Indoor Science consults on your project, we first try to find and solve the problem without doing any testing.


Testing for Cigarette Smoke

Environmental tobacco smoke is a mixture of many different chemicals and particles. It is impossible to measure all the individual components of this complex mixture. Therefore, various indicator measurements are typically used as a surrogate for cigarette and cigar smoke. Common surrogates include particulate matter, carbon monoxide and nicotine. Each of these markers has limitations, but there are other laboratory based options available.


What does it cost?

Call us at (312) 920-9393 for a customized quote.  Pricing will be based on the method and number of tests collected.