Our Value Proposition

Scientifically Backed Solutions

  • Our scientific advisory board keeps us cutting edge
  • Proprietary methodologies and lab verified findings ensure accuracy & objectivity
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) ensure solutions exceed industry standards
  • Expertise is routinely featured in global news outlets & federal court cases

Company-Owned Nationwide Reach

  • 62 company-owned regional offices
  • 15,000+ projects completed
  • 280+ trained, experienced professionals
  • Global network of proven & credentialed solution implementation partners

Tailored Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Test – Our consultants use advanced instruments and lab analysis to evaluate 30+ risk factors like mold, asbestos, TVOCs and others

Monitor – Our expertise can design, deploy and safeguard your property so you have a constant pulse on the environment and know how to eliminate risk factors

Improve – Post assessment, we recommend a robust set of corrective actions and provide consultative support to ensure implementation

Sustain – Our learning programs drive awareness, educate and even certify indoor environmental professionals

Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Solutions

Exposure Assessments– We evaluate occupational exposures through personal and area monitoring in line with regulatory requirements

Safety Training Solutions – We assist clients in managing risks, identifying hazards, implementing controls and maintaining compliance

Expert WitnessWe support the defense and plaintiffs in local and federal court cases

Corporations And Government Clients

Contact Us

We provide customized pricing for each project we perform. The first step is providing us with some background information.