Why Indoor Science

Scientifically Backed Solutions

  • Involvement with research organizations keeps us cutting edge
  • Proprietary methodologies and lab verified findings ensure accuracy & objectivity
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists ensure solutions exceed industry standards
  • National presence provides consistent, superior service
  • Expertise is routinely featured in global news outlets & federal court cases

Tailored Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Test – Our expert consultants use advanced instruments and laboratory analysis to evaluate 30+ known IEQ risk factors

Monitor – We deploy a network of sensors to proactively evaluate your property and alert you when our algorithms identify a threat

Improve – We design and execute action plans to solve the root cause of IEQ risk factors

Sustain – Our learning programs drive awareness, educate, and even certify IEQ professionals

Company-Owned Nationwide Reach

  • 50+ company-owned regional offices with 75+ mobile teams
  • 15,000+ projects completed
  • 200+ businesses & 10 million+ sqft use our expertise to manage COVID risks
  • 280+ trained, experienced professionals
  • Global network of proven, credentialed service partners

Industrial Hygiene Services

Exposure Monitoring – Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH’s) assess, design and execute personal and area sampling programs to comply with OSHA and provide violation response

Safety Training – We design, evolve and / or implement HSE programs to ensure OSHA compliance and provide violation response

Expert Witness Testimony – We support the defense and plaintiffs and have helped clients win 7 figure settlements

Multinational Corporations And Government Clients